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Company List

No. of Rows
Code Company Name Date Of Latest Report Recommendation
ET Evertz Technologies Limited 07 February 2022 Members Only
CACI CACI International, Inc. 20 October 2020 Members Only
CTXS Citrix Systems Inc. 03 November 2020 Members Only
AZPN Aspen Technology, Inc. 16 September 2020 Members Only
CRUS Cirrus Logic Inc. 02 March 2021 Members Only
RP RealPage, Inc. 06 October 2020 Members Only
BAND Bandwidth Inc. 06 April 2021 Members Only
HIMX Himax Technologies, Inc. 26 July 2022 Members Only
MMS Maximus, Inc. 18 January 2022 Members Only
CRDO Credo Technology Group Holding Ltd 10 February 2022 Members Only

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