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About Us

Kalkine is a Tech-Enabled Business, based on a Digitally Powered Architecture and Extensive Data Science led Research. Our analysis is supported by financial and other data using Kalkine’s Proprietary Technology.

It is worth mentioning that Kalkine technology delivers premium research for financial services, resources, technology, and other corporate sectors. Through Kalkine Subscription Platform, we create optimum content for audiences to look at research in its best possible context when they are most receptive and in the right mindset to act. Our unique business model presents research content on our proprietary platform to a diverse set of target audience and the result is Engagement, Readership, and Better Insights for our users.

about Kalkine

Overview of Our Subscription Research Services: We provide Independent Equity Research based on technology-powered detailed analysis, and insights on various listed stocks for investors to analyse and act upon Buy, Sell or Hold positions. Our primary aim is to provide general investment idea to clients to enable them to navigate and achieve success in complex financial markets. Our stock picks are based on Value, Growth, and Hybrid Investment Strategies, with a greater focus on the Value Investing Principle of considering enough ‘Margin of Safety’ for Investors, by the great American Economist Benjamin Graham.

Kalkine’s Investment Philosophy: We generally look for companies that are currently low valued with long-term growth prospects that have been currently obscured by macro-economic or industry related factors. In doing so, we rely on our deep expertise in fundamental and technical analysis research to identify right picks for the Investors. While we consider systematic and unsystematic risk (s) in providing our recommendations. Market thematic also directs us to look at different types of investment styles.

Why Should You Invest in Equities?

The two primary reasons for Investing in Equities include :

about Kalkine

Protection against the erosion of one’s wealth caused by Inflation.

about Kalkine

The potential for better returns through Dividend Income and Capital Appreciation for investors who are willing to undertake greater risks than investing in fixed income securities

At Kalkine, We also aim to analyze the swings in stock prices as well as market fluctuations to gauge the price direction using technical analysis prowess as an Investor may gain from these price swings. We make sure that we consider both qualitative and quantitative factors in our decision-making process to identify right picks from the plethora of investment opportunities available in the market.

The research is extensive and tech-driven, delivered through Web-based and Mobile application, wherein support from Kalkine proprietary framework and platform model provides a seamless dissemination of the information and relevant insights for users. Kalkine technology, which has been developed through a set of software and programming languages including but not limited to Python, delivers a holistic engagement with clients and general audience. In other words, Kalkine provides a robust tech-driven research engine that helps in analyzing diverse markets and delivering real-time user experience.

Overall, our business (given the salient features of Kalkine’s Technology) finds the right fit through the following:

about Kalkine

How we deliver differently?

  • Data Science driven research aids in providing better insights for customers for further due diligence, reinforcing the ‘Do-it-Yourself’ model for many.
  • Our Web platform and Mobile Application have been developed using breakthrough technologies with flavor from in-house technologies and tools that provide better user experience.
  • All our products have premium protection service for clients data by protecting out infrastructure and products.
about Kalkine

Our aim is to provide a seamless user experience to our customers with world-class services to help them have better and evolved investment decisions. Kalkine’s Research Products are based on extensive data mining and analytics; and the future roadmap finds solid foundation through Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, and cognitive automation efforts being developed for extensive mining and analytical facets. Al based Decision Engines and Robo Advisors are believed to form a part of our technology roadmap.