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Kalkine Growth Report

Kalkine Growth Report provides investors with an opportunity to recognize quality high growth companies listed on TSX & TSXV.

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  • Typically, companies with consistent revenue and profitability growth are being looked at. Also, future outlook and sustainability of the business model is one of the critical criterias for stock selection.
  • Growth companies typically do not have stable beta, however, they gain the most from robust macroeconomic conditions, which serve as these equities' biggest supporters.
  • Prudent corporate governance, and experienced management is also been considered along with sustainable balance sheet and improving leverage profile to manage risks associated with the growth companies.
  • Revenue, profitability, capex plans, new product launches are some of the essential parameters for assessment of such companies.
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Key Reasons to consider

Fundamental & Financial Analysis

In-depth company's fundamental analysis including its past performance, earnings quality, equity dilution, management team, key risks, growth catalyst etc., for better decision making.

Detailed Technical Analysis

Detailed technical analysis of the stocks is undertaken to improve the entry timing & price with key support and resistance.


Growth stocks provide diversification as they are spread across the various sectors in trend rather than focusing on a particular theme.


Growth stocks refer to stocks identified through growth investing philosophy and Value stocks involves picking stocks that appear to be trading at less than their intrinsic or book value as per value investing philosophy.

No, identification of growth stocks is not solely dependant on Market cap. Growth stocks can shine from any market capitalization size that is Small cap, medium cap, and large cap.

Some critical factors are companies with consistent revenue and profitability growth, future outlook and sustainability of the business model, and consistent demand for products/services provided by the company

Kalkine Growth Report

CAD$ 1,200/Year