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Dividend Income Report

Regular dividend paying companies attract individuals who are looking for recurring income from their equity investments. The essence of dividend stocks also stems from the requirement of an individual to build a retirement corpus from fundamentally

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  • Stocks with a history of dividend growth are less prone to significant shifts in the market, which may act as a hedge against economic uncertainty and market volatility.

  • Dividend-paying stocks have a sustainable business model, a long track of profitability, growing cash flows, decent balance sheet and some value attributes.

  • Appropriate valuation methodology is applied to provide a holistic view of the company
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Key Reasons to consider

Passive Income

The dependability of the recurring income is one of the prime reasons to consider dividends when buying stocks.

Dual Benefit

These stocks may offer both capital appreciation and regular dividend income.

Safeguard against Market Volatility

Investing in rich dividend paying stocks generally safeguards the portfolio against market risks and volatility, as such companies are typically fundamentally well-established and matured companies.


Yes, this report specifically caters to stocks with attractive dividend yield history.

It is helpful for both short term and Long term investment goals.

Yes, Annual dividend yield should be at least 4% or above

Dividend Income Report

CAD$ 900/Year