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Resources Report

Resource Report focusses on Canadian listed Companies in the mining space, oil & gas production, energy equipment services business. Commodity prices, together with corporate profitability in the Canadian metals and mining sector may provide a long term view on the sector with several opportunities to explore.

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  • With sharp rally in crude oil price, energy stocks benefited during the market meltdown.
  • Increasing metal prices due to supply shortage and spurt in demand particularly in Asia uplifted mining sector in Australia.
  • Meticulus stock selection with recurring revenue model and adqeaute liquity backing the expansion plans are targeted.
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Key Reasons to consider

Macro-Economic Play

Global macro factors have a direct impact on prices of resources such as Crude oil, gas, copper, gold, silver, zinc, iron ore, among others

Growth Catalysts

Capex level, production assessment, leverage scenario, drilling permits, government or macro implications need to be taken care while searching for the resource stocks.

Diversified Portfolio

This report provides a diverse selection of stocks encompassing refineries, oil & gas exploration companies, diversified metals, etc.


This report covers a broad range of resources such as (but not limited to) Crude oil, gas, copper, gold, silver, zinc, iron ore etc.

This is not a thematic report rather It is a stock specific report

Fundamentals such as (but not limited to) financial growth, Management outlook, strong balance sheet, key ratios, industry risks etc. are duly covered in this report

Kalkine Resources Report

CAD$ 500/Year