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Stocks under $1 Report

Covers TSX & TSXV listed stocks looking technically well-placed on the price charts and priced at under CAD 1.

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Kalkine’s Stocks under $1 Report for the CA Equity Market 

Volatility in the stock market can open new growth opportunities as some investments may become more reasonably priced. What should be the right investment strategy during a volatile market condition? Will the stock prices bottom out or fall further? - These are some of the vital questions that come to the mind of a prudent investor!

To tackle the increasing volatility and uncertainties in the market, Kalkine offers Stocks under $1 Report for the CA Equity Segment a technical analysis-driven research product to invest in stocks listed on TSX and TSXV exchanges having a price less than CAD 1. This product is specially designed for investors with an adequate risk appetite and financial flexibility and typically seeking opportunities for a short period.

Kalkine’s Stocks under $1 Report offers the following Key Features:

  • In-depth Technical Research: Kalkine’s Stocks under $1 Report draws recommendations purely based on a thorough analysis of technical tools such as price action, indicators, support level, resistance level, candlestick patterns, volumes, relative strength index (RSI), simple moving averages (SMA), etc.
  • High Volume Stocks Provide an Edge: Volume plays a crucial role in technical analysis as stocks with high volumes are more liquid and provide investors with ease in trade execution. Kalkine focuses on stocks with above-average volume that may have the potential to yield decent returns.
  • Better Risk-Reward Scenario: Risk-Reward ratio represents the prospective reward an investor can potentially achieve for risks undertaken. Investors can weigh their decisions in the light of an appropriate entry-level, target prices, and a pre-defined stop loss.

Past Performances of Few TSXV listed Stocks from Technical Standpoint:

Sable Resources Ltd. (TSXV: SAE) is a metals and mining company that rallied 55% in 2 weeks (April 12, 2022, to April 22, 2022, Source: Refinitiv) after the formation of a bullish hammer candlestick pattern. The returns generated by TSX Venture Composite Index over the same period was -5.31%.

Minera Alamos Inc. (TSXV: MAI) is a metals and mining company that yielded 16.12% within two weeks (April 4, 2022, to April 18, 2022, Source: Refinitiv) after the breakout of a downward sloping trend line from the lower levels. The returns generated by TSX Venture Composite Index over the same period was -1.34%.

To summarize, Kalkine's Stocks under $1 Report for the CA Equity Market is easy to comprehend with actionable insights for investment opportunities around the potential investment themes. This report aims to cover stocks after an extensive analysis of technical tools. The report aims to assess the market performance, taking cues from major global news and/or events impacting the market sentiments.

It must be noted that recommendations provided under this product are solely based on technical parameters, and the fundamental performance of the stocks has not been considered in the decision-making process. Key risks which could impact the stock’s prices include risks, regulatory risks, interest rates risks, currency risks, social and political instability risks etc.

Stocks under $1 Report

CAD$ 1,900/Year