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    Resources Report

    Resource Report focusses on the Canada listed Companies in the mining space, oil & gas production, energy equipment services business. Commodity prices, together with corporate profitability in the Canadian metals and mining sector may provide a long

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    • Canada is home to a huge proportion of Mining and Energy companies worldwide. Canada's minerals and metals sector is a mainstay of the national economy that supports jobs and economic activity in every region. So resources related companies are natural area of interest for many market participants.
    • Growing demand for green energy resources such as lithium, nickle, etc. makes this space attractive for investors
    • Many natural resources hold a store of value, and act as a shield against inflation.
    • Natural resources inherits cyclical nature on account of changing supply and demand dynamics
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    Kalkine Growth Report

    Kalkine Growth Report provides investors with an opportunity to recognize quality high growth companies listed on TSX & TSXV.

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    • Typically, companies with consistent revenue and profitability growth are being looked at. Also, future outlook and sustainability of the business model is one of the critical criterias for stock selection.
    • Growth companies typically do not have stable beta, however, they gain the most from robust macroeconomic conditions, which serve as these equities' biggest supporters.
    • Prudent corporate governance, and experienced management is also been considered along with sustainable balance sheet and improving leverage profile to manage risks associated with the growth companies.
    • Revenue, profitability, capex plans, new product launches are some of the essential parameters for assessment of such companies.
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